2019 Sermon Archives


Below are inspired messages delivered by our Pastor Brandon Bohannon and guest speakers who have spoken at our church in 2019.

You can listen to the sermons online by clicking on the link below. If you wish to listen off-line you can “right-click” on the link and save the file to your local hard drive.


Sun AM, Feb 17, 2019 – Steve Bohannon
Sunday Morning Message (52.17 Min)

Sun AM, Feb 3, 2019 – Brandon Bohannon
Love – We Need Each Other (30.45 Min)

Sun PM, Jan 27, 2019 – Brandon Bohannon
We Need Each Other (47.18 Min)

Sun AM, Jan 20, 2019 – Brandon Bohannon
Gifted for Others (38.43 Min)

Sun AM, Jan 13, 2019 – Brandon Bohannon
You Are Loved (20.55 Min)

Sun PM, Jan 6, 2019 – Brandon Bohannon
Find (34.42 Min)